Product Safety

Towel Specialties/Cobblestone Mills/Xpress Towels Proposition 65 Policy

Through analysis of item specifications and 3rd party testing, we have identified a very limited number of products that currently require a warning label to be applied when shipping to California.  Those items are listed below.  Since we cannot test every piece of every order that we ship to California for every one of the Proposition 65 listed 900 chemicals, you may continue to have concerns about compliance with Proposition 65.  If so, then the best option to ensure compliance is to include a label on each product that may ship to the State of California which we will do at no charge upon request.  The label will appear as follows and will ensure full compliance with California Proposition 65 requirements:


Products from our catalog shipped to California with Propositon 65 labels

Bags/Chair Golf Towels Slippers
Wave Rider Beach Chair (WRBC) Ultimate Golf Towel (CH43) Quilted Velour Slippers (VS5)
Day Tripper Reversible Bag (DT40) Terry Velour Adjustable Slippers (SVLC05)
Nautical Reversible Bag (NRTBAG)
Organic & Canvas Tote (ORCVT)
Vintage Cabana Canvas Tote (CSCVT)
Saddle Bag Cooler & Tote (SBCT)

Discontinued products shipped to California with Propositon 65 labels

Bags Accessories
Pocket Backpack (BP07) Flip Flops (FLFLP1)
Marina Bag (MARBAG) Aroma Therapy Gift Set (ATGS)
Coastal Bag (CCBAG) Lazy Jack Sheet (LZJKS)
Beach Towel Bag (TB01) Reversible Sun Hat (RBH10)
Mini Titan Bag (MINWBB)
Captiva Bag (BAGCAP)
Island Hopper (TO19)
Sea Sack (SS1)
Travel Bag (SBR or SBS)
Sanibel Tote (BAGSAN)