Towel Specialties Awards

SGIA Golden Image Awards for Excellence in Decorating

2017 - 1st place, Campaign: Froster/Circle K.  Honorable Mention, Campaign: Hartford Steam Boiler. (excellence in digital decorating on textiles).

2016 - 2nd place, Campaign: Cargaritaville. 3rd place, Campaign: Shark Week (excellence in digital decorating on textiles).

2015 - 2nd place, Campaign: Brasfield & Gorrie/Suntrust Stadium. Honorable Mention: Shark Week (excellence in digital decorating on textiles).

2013 – 1st Place, Campaign: New Sheriff in Town, 2nd Place, Campaign: Bally's, 3rd Place: Shipyard Brewing.

2011 - Two Honorable Mentions.

2009 -1st Place. Campaign: Bay Lake Tower (excellence in multi-color screenprinting)

2009 -1st Place. Campaign: Chambord (excellence in 4 color process screenprinting)

2008 -1st Place. Campaign: Snap On Tools 

2007 - Honorable Mention: Coast of Utopia

2006 - Honorable Mention: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida

2004 - 1st Place. Campaign: Estee Lauder, Beyond Paradise.

2003 – 1st Place and 3rd Place

2002 – 2nd Place

2000 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place plus two honorable mentions

1998 – 1st Place (NFL Films), 1 Award for Merit, 1 Honorable Mention